Family Mediation:

A better way to end arguments and move on...

Why Family Mediation

You’ve decided to separate. Now the path ahead is you & your former partner, dealing with the division of assets, property, co-parenting, custody, maintenance and more. It is often overwhelming when emotions are already high, to say it is a difficult time is often an understatement. Family mediation can help you through this difficult time, saving you time and money while reducing the stresses associated with finding agreement between separated couples.

Saves Money

Family law costs are expensive.  Delays and legal processes push costs higher. Mediation can be 20 times cheaper than fighting legal battles against your former partner.

Saves Time

The process of mediation follows fixed steps that culminates on the day of mediation. If an agreement is reached on that day, legally binding documents are drawn that same day.

Reduces Stress

Mediation takes the conflict out of resolving your relationship. Mediation helps couples find agreement by guiding them through the mediation process

Free Phone Consultation

Start with a free fifteen-minute consultation to help you get to grips on what mediation can provide for you. 

Legally Binding Agreement

On completion of the mediation you are issued with an agreement that is turned into a legally binding document. 

Experienced Consultants

The Family Mediation Station team are experienced and highly qualified mediation and dispute resolution practitioners. 

The Timeline

Life's to short to go to court
The prcocess starts with a quick fifteen-minute phone consultation. We can book you in to start the process in as few as seven days.
Meet your mediator
You meet your mediator in a confidential and one-on-one basic. This is where you can discuss any concerns you have and ourcomes you're looking for.
By working through a checklist (covering all areas of parenting and/or property) assists your mediator to understand areas you are happy to negotiate and those you are not.
On the day of mediation, your mediator facilitates all negotiations. A docuement is made that writes up the finialised agreement
You are now free to move on with your life.

Family Mediation (also known as Divorce Mediation, Family Dispute Resolution) assists separated & divorced couples through the process of resolving family relationships. It is a practical and low-cost way for separating families to sort this out with professional help – without having to go to court. For more information download our FREE e-book A Short & Happy Guide To Family Mediation.

How is family mediation different to going to court?

Experienced in family law, Marie Fedorov explains

Separated couples often face months of mediation and legal red tape to settle their disputes, eating away at their time, finances and often leaving them exhausted and without the best outcome. During my experience as a family lawyer I have seen the heartbreak and the financial stress created by separation and divorce. As a mother of two, I knew there must be an easier way. A simple solution to help people avoid the emotional and financial trauma.

Marie Fedorov, Fedorov Family Lawyers

Marie Explains Family Mediation
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Marie Fedorov

Her experience as a family lawyer lead her to explore alternatives

With over 15 years experience in the industry and with her collaborative law skills, Marie offers a unique approach to family law matters focusing on out of Court resolution to stop the heartache so that her clients can move on with their lives. It was her experience as a family lawyer that lead her to form mamily mediation Station as a alternative to court settlements.

Marie Fedorov from Fedorov Family Lawyers
We believe,
Life's too short to go to court!
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How to get started
To know more about the mediation process & how we help, book an initial appointment today. A quick 15 minute confidential chat over the phone at your convenience to answer any questions you have & give you a better understanding of what’s ahead.

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