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Why Choose Mediation

Mediation will save you time, money and the emotional burden of having to go to court.  Once you reach agreement, we will organise for that agreement to be drafted on the spot. You can move on with your new life immediately.

The Mediation Process​

To help you understand how Family Mediation Station can lead you to resolve your parenting and property matters after separation. Below is a seven step guide to the mediation process.

Mediation Costs​

We understand that you don’t want to fork out large amounts of money in order to reach a resolution – and we don’t want you to either. That’s why we tailor our services for you depending on what you need.

When You Reach Agreement​

We will provide you with a FIXED FEE quote to draft the documents necessary to formalize the agreement and then we have those documents prepared for you that afternoon.

When you choose mediation, you’re choosing a process that values getting results rather than winning a competition. 

The Australian legal process is based upon the adversarial model. This process pits people and their lawyers against each other to determine a conclusion. While this serves our community well in some scenarios it isn’t a great way to determine an outcome of a divorce.

Often your split is amicable, and a legal battle isn’t appropriate to your situation. Even when not amicable, a relationship break-up rarely benefits from the adversarial legal processes pushing you against each other. 

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Family mediation is a process that brings both parties together with a licensed mediator. Together you reach an agreement that is acceptable for all parties. 

The mediator guides you through the process and helps you to find agreement. 

With mediation, there is much more room for compromise than with a legal fight. The legal system is very expensive and mediation is by comparison very affordable. When legal costs aren’t piling up, taking part of your shared wealth, then you have room to give a little so that both come out ahead. 

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