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The Difference Between A Divorce Lawyer & Mediator

Marie Fedorov's work as a lawyer lead her to divorce in day
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Are you wondering the about the difference between a divorce lawyer and a mediator? When deciding whether to use the traditional lawyer approach for your divorce / separation or mediation consider the below points. These points will help you to decide the best course of action for you and your family.

Seven Differences Between A Divorce Lawyer & Mediator

    1. Choosing Family Mediation means there will be one mediator. Choosing a lawyer means there will be two lawyers as you will have one each.
    1. A mediator is a neutral third party that doesn’t take sides and will help you both to reach an agreement. Lawyers can only represent one party and they will fight for their client no matter what.
    1. Lawyers give you legal advice. Mediators help you both to make your own decisions.
    1. Mediation is fast. Family Mediation Station can book you in for mediation within 2 weeks from when you are ready to go whereas the lawyer assisted divorce/separation process can take years.
    1. Mediation is inexpensive compared to lawyer assisted divorce/separation process.
    1. Using Lawyers and going to court is risky because you never know what will happen. Mediation gives you the ability to decide your own outcome together.
  1. Mediation is confidential. Going to Court with your lawyer is not, it can be very public.

Family Mediation Station is the brainchild of Marie Fedorov, lawyer behind the family lawyers Fedorov Lawyers. As a family lawyer she has a great deal of experience working with couples during the divorce process. She knows how divorce lawyers work and saw the advantages to setting up family mediation as an option. Family Mediation Station was the outcome. (See also our article Family Mediation Gold Coast.)

There are significant advantages when using family mediation in comparison to a divorce lawyer. In this article we gave you seven of the top reasons. When comparing the difference between a divorce lawyer and a mediator, think about the seven pointers above and how they might apply to your situation. In many instance, we find that separating couples get a faster outcomes and save money when using a mediator compared with a lawyer.

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