A step by step guide to the mediation process

Step One
Get Started

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To commence your mediation, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit.

Step One
Step Two
Meet Your Mediator

First meeting is 1 hour.

We identify the key points.

Support for additional services is provides.

Step Two
Step Three
Personalised Preparation

Checklist supplied (parenting and property).

Get clear on your wants.

Prepare you for mediation.

Step Three
Step Four

Your mediator facilitates all negotiations and writes up a finialised agreement.

Duration: 4 hours

Step Four
Step Five
Finalisation Of The Agreement

The agreement is now turned ina a legally binding document.

We supply step-by-step instructions on how to submit this document with the courts.

Step Five

Take The First Step

You’ve got this far. Now, a quick 15 minute confidential chat over the phone at your convenience will answer any questions you have & give you a better understanding of what’s ahead.

Congratulations on reaching an agreement through family mediation!

We will provide you with a FIXED FEE quote to draft the documents necessary to formalize the agreement and then we have those documents prepared for you that afternoon.

This saves time spent waiting and worrying about the outcome.

You then walk away with your parenting and property matters finalised on the same day for a fixed fee.

If an agreement is not reached, do not worry – we can try again. You may have tried before but we can try again. We can also issue an s60i certificate for you so that you can go to court should you decide to.

To protect you from having to repeat the family mediation process and face unwanted additional costs, we strongly emphasise the importance of taking absolute diligence and care when completing the steps leading up to the mediation session. We know how much this matters to you and it is our job to guide you to the best possible outcome for everyone.

Mediation is a process that is not only fast, it is designed to give you a lasting outcome that doesn't cost a fortune.

When you contact Family Mediation Station, we’ll start off with a free fifteen minute consultation. That will help you understand the process and give us an idea of what issues you face. 

We have a toll-free number (1300 491 777). You can call us on that number today to start your mediation process. Or contact us via our contact page. 

To begin mediation, you’ll be asked to pay an initial deposit. 

Your mediator will contact you to discuss your individual requirements. This is your opportunity to discuss any issues that will impact on you and your mediation.

We’ll send you a mediation pack that includes a questionnaire. That questionnaire helps us get a better understanding of the objects and obstacles in your mediation process. 

mediation process

Your Mediation Mentor is assigned to you who will help you through the process. It is crucial for you to be properly prepared for the day of mediation.

Your Mediation Mentor works with you to ensure you’re ready to get the most out of your mediation.

On the day of mediation, your nationally accredited mediator will bring both you and your partner together to reach an agreement about parenting and property matters. 

This mediation process will determine how quickly you can move on with your life and regain your independence. During the morning session your mediator works with both members of the mediation to help you resolve custody and property matters. 

In the afternoon our legal experts take over. They prepare the documents necessary to formalise the agreement reached so that you don’t have to see a lawyer after the mediation. Documents are prepared for lodgement so that the divorce may become official.

The wait is over now and you and your family can finally start to move on with peace of mind.

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