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When Grandparents Become Primary Carers Then Lose That Role

marie fedorov family mediation station and fedorov family lawyers
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It’s becoming increasingly common for grandparents to take on primary care givers roles. When the parents have problems, such as addiction, the grandparents will step in to look after the children. What happens though when these attachments are broken? When the parents want their children back?

This is the question posed an article by LJ Charleston in News.com.au. In this article she writes of the growing problems in family law courts involving these circumstances. She spoke to Family Mediation Station‘s Marie Fedorov and quotes her in the article.

Right now, 20 per cent of the cases I’m dealing with involve grandparents wanting access to grandkids. When a family unit breaks down and separates, it is not uncommon for grandparents to become isolated from their grandchildren.

This happens far more often than people might realise.

Marie Fedorov

marie fedorov family mediation station and fedorov family lawyers
Marie Fedorov of Family Mediation Station & Fedorov Family Lawyers

Marie Fedorov & Family Mediation Station

Marie Fedorov has 13 years experience working as a family lawyer at Fedorov Family Lawyers. In this time she’s seen the person tolls exacted when families separate. It was this experience that lead her to the divorce in a day model for family mediated separation. Through mediated separation agreements couples can part more quickly, with less heartbreak and expense than a solution involving lawyers and courts.

For more information, read about the family mediation process.  Bookings are available withing 7 days. (See also our article Family Mediation Gold Coast.)

Grandparents’ Access To Grandchildren

In the article, Marie Fedorov says, “Grandparents could follow the same process that parents go through in a parenting procedure. Grandparents can make an application through the Federal Circuit Court saying they are a grandparent who is being stopped from having access to their grandchildren.”

Through this application to the courts, the grandparents can be granted scheduled time with their grandchildren in the same way that divorced parents can. While this process is sometimes necessary Marie reminds us that a negotiated or mediated settlement is prudent where possible. The costs, delays and stress of pursuing access through the courts is often a strain for both parents and grandparents.

Read The Full Article At News.com.au

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