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5 Reasons To Use Family Mediation

5 reasons to use family mediation
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Family Mediation is used to resolve family disputes through a facilitated process. The mediator encourages honest communication between a separated couple to get to the heart of the problem. Our mediators help you to make effective decisions for your family.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should use Family Mediation to resolve your dispute:

1 With Family Mediation You Get To Create A Solution

A family mediator is a neutral third party that facilitates discussion and negotiation with your ex partner. They help create solutions that you can both agree with and you get to put forward your ideas to create that solution. 

2 Family Mediation Allows You To Avoid The Court

Family mediation is a fantastic alternative to going to court which can air your families dirty laundry in public. Court proceedings are expensive and can be extremely stressful for you and your family. Family mediation reduces the cost and emotional toll of going through the courts. Instead of arguing, family mediation helps you to turn those arguments into discussions.

3 Family Mediation Helps Repair Relationships

There damages relationships like going through the Court system as it can become extremely hostile. Our mediators help to repair relationships by encouraging communication, openness and honesty to help work out how you with both move forward and co-parent your children until they are 18.

4 Family Mediation Allows You To Take Control

Family Mediation gives you control instead of giving it to a Judge. You can work out a solution that will work for you and your family instead of a Judge ordering you to spend x amount of time with the children which may not work around your employment or other aspects of your life.

5 Family Mediation Allows You To Make Kids The Priority

It isn’t about why your relationship ended, the point is that your relationship has ended and you need to make the kids your priority. Family mediation can help you both focus on what is in the children’s best interests so that you don’t get caught up in your own interests. You can work out an arrangement that will be best for the children and will work for you as parents.

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