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Family Mediation Station
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Michael Iliuk
Michael Iliuk
Great service. Thanks for being so professional and understanding. Highly recommend 5 stars
Troy Fitzgerald Ray White
Troy Fitzgerald Ray White
Cass Gerzy
Cass Gerzy
Great concept. Saving people time, money and a little bit of sanity!
Marie Fedorov
Marie Fedorov
What a great idea to mediate and formalise your agreement on the spot!


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Great service we sorted out long-standing issues and made a clean break without costing stupid amounts of money. Would recommend these guys for Family Mediation Services.


My mediator listened to me and told my ex how I was feeling. My ex actually listened and we walked out of there with an agreement. I couldn’t believe it as we had been arguing for over 12 months. I recommend Family Mediation Station.


I really was able to get on with my new life after this process. I am so happy. Thank you.


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