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‘Heartbroken’: Thousands of Australian families torn apart

MORE Australian grandparents are in primary caring roles for their young grandkids. But what happens when the parents come to take them back is devastating.

The shocking rise of financial abuse involving wills

A GOLD Coast woman and her elderly mum walked into lawyer Marie Fedorov’s office. Alarm bells immediately started ringing.

Why you shouldn’t have your ex on Facebook

KATHY* was going through a rough patch in her 12-year marriage and, to avoid being with her husband, she spent every evening on Facebook.

How to tell if you’re addicted to your smartphone

If you suspect you’re ‘hopelessly’ addicted to your smartphone, you’re not the only one.


Nearly 1.5 million Australians aged between 25-64 years are currently separated or divorced. It’s a scenario many people are impacted by at some point in their lives and sadly, often on more occasions than one.

My partner’s ex-wife ‘stole’ my inheritance

A WOMAN has been forced to pay more than half a million dollars to her partner’s ex-wife after being trapped by a bizarre law.

Gold Coast lawyer develops strategy to achieve a ‘divorce in a day’

A GOLD Coast lawyer has developed an innovate approach to divorce which could save taxpayers billions of dollars and couples at least $40,000 in legal fees.

Divorce survival tips: ways to make it through the emotional rollercoaster

Anyone who’s been through a divorce will tell you it’s a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions; others will say it’s like a death in the family.

Lawyer Steps In Amid Elder Financial Abuse Crisis

If financial abuse was happening in front of you, would you be able to recognise it? Would you do something about it?


Divorce and separation amongst couples are almost as common an outcome as staying together these days and so everyone needs to consider what to do with their assets on separation – sell the family home and car; share the furniture; but what about the pets?

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Family Mediation Gold Coast

Family Mediation, sometimes called divorce mediation, is a process that helps guide separating couples toward a mutually agreed settlement. This process is faster, less stressful

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Joanne Burnett of Family Mediation Station

Q & A with Joanna Burnett

Q: What is your position, and experience? A: I am Mediation Support Specialist. My qualifications include: Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Forensic Mental Health,

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benefits of mediation

Benefits Of Mediation

Marie Fedorov: 0:0min Separated couples often face months of mediation and legal red tape to settle their disputes eating away at their time, finances and often leaving

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