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If you and your partner have recently separated, you may be in a bit of a haze, feeling confused, overwhelmed and apprehensive about the future.

You're not alone. It can be quite frightening facing the daily uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to your assets, your pets, and most importantly, your children.

At Family Mediation Station, we understand the distress of waking up to unfamiliar situations, and that is why we have created a truly unique service designed to ensure that you receive all of the support that you need.

Our team are by your side every step of the way. Divorce doesn't have to be hard. In fact, at Family Mediation Station, we aim to mediate in the morning and prepare the documents that you need to make your agreement binding in the afternoon.

This way, you can move on with your life that very day. Life's too short to go to court, so call us today to see how we can help you lessen the emotional and financial burdens and let your voice really be heard to empower you.

Marie Fedorov

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