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benefits of mediation
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Marie Fedorov: 0:0min

Separated couples often face months of mediation and legal red tape to settle their disputes eating away at their time, finances and often leaving them exhausted and without the best outcome. During my experience as a family lawyer I have seen the heartbreak and the financial stress created by separation and divorce. As a mother of two, I knew there must be an easier way. A simple solution to help people avoid the emotional and financial trauma.

Marie Fedorov: 0:31min
That’s how Family Mediation Station started. It’s a place were separated couples come to settle their parenting and property disputes quickly and easily. No fuss. No drawn out process. I have seen first hand how time consuming legal disputes can be, which is why my team and I have developed an alternate system to have everything resolved in just one day. Our professionals offer a solution that is affordable and fast tracked. All with the aim of helping you avoid the financial and emotional burden of court proceedings.
Marie Fedorov: 1:07min

Contact Family Mediation Station today where our team can help you navigate a successful way ahead.

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