Divorce Mediation | The alternative to expensive divorce processes
A couple involved in the divorce mediation process
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Divorce mediation is a term used more widely in the US than it is in Australia. Here in Australia we refer to family mediation, which is the same thing. With family mediation we are perhaps referring to the wider implications of separation. Whereas with divorce mediation we are more specifically referring to the process of separating as a married couple. The alternative to a family or divorce mediation process is a lawyer or legal driven divorce process. Here we’ll discuss the advantages of divorce mediation.
A couple involved in the divorce mediation process
A couple involved in the divorce mediation process

Why Divorce Mediation

There are many good reasons to prefer divorce mediation over a legal process. The first is cost.

Divorce Mediation Saves Money

This is one of the most powerful reasons in favour of mediation. The mediation process is quick and leads to resolution. Whereas protracted legal processes chip away at the estate. Legal disputes can often see people fighting over a diminishing pie. By facilitating a quick resolution, mediation means there is more of the pie to go around.

Which brings us to our second reason, speed of the process.

Divorce Mediation Saves Time

When you contact us about mediation, we assign you a mentor. They help you prepare for the day of mediation. This process ensures that you get the best possible chance of getting agreement come the day of mediation. They help you prepare the documents you need and to prepare you mentally for what you are required for on the day.

The day of divorce mediation is known as our divorce in a day. During this day we’ll help bring you to mediation and then have our legal team draw up the documents you need to make this binding. It is a one day process, as the name suggests, which means it is a quick and efficient process.

Marie Fedorov's work as a lawyer lead her to divorce in day
Marie Fedorov of Fedorov Family Lawyers see divorce mediation as a healthy alternative to standard divorce processes.

Fedorov Family Lawyers

If you need legal help in family law, Fedorov Family Lawyers are always available to give professional and sound advice. See also our article Family Mediation Gold Coast.

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