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Family Mediation Gold Coast

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Family Mediation, sometimes called divorce mediation, is a process that helps guide separating couples toward a mutually agreed settlement. This process is faster, less stressful and less costly than a lawyer driven divorce process. That’s why Gold Coast lawyer Marie Fedorov created Family Mediation Station, to facilitate mediation based settlements. While operating in family law, Marie had become acquainted with the Divorce In A Day model of mediation. She brought that model to the Gold Coast with the founding of Family Mediation Station.

Divorce In A Day & Family Mediation Gold Coast

The idea behind Divorce In A Day is to have an efficient process that supports couples leading up to the day of mediation. There is a mediation mentor assigned to each couple who helps them prepare for the day of mediation. Once at mediation, couples have about a 90% chance of reaching agreement. That’s a significant outcome for couples during this stressful period of their lives. 

A Gold Coast First

This method of family mediation is a Gold Coast first. Below Marie explains it to the Today Show’s hosts. As Marie tells it, a couple who couldn’t even talk to each other sat down with a mediator, who helped them reach and agreement.


We will save you time, money and the emotional burden of having to go to court. We can organise for the agreement that is reached to be drafted on the spot so that you can move on with your new life immediately. Our mediators can help you reach a compromise with your ex on the division of assets and liabilities. Without eroding your property pool with expensive legal fees.


If you’re interested in mediation or wanting to know more, we suggest one of these steps.

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