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Get financially ready for separation

Family mediation Gold Coast
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Manage your finances as you prepare for divorce

You have begun the process of divorce by attending a divorce mediation session with one of our qualified Gold Coast divorce lawyers and now you are ready to make the physical move of separation from your husband or wife.

There is no question, divorce is an emotional and stressful position to be in. One of the biggest worries can be the financial side of divorce. The Family Mediation Station‘s team of Gold Coast divorce lawyers can help you get ready financially for divorce and ensure you won’t be left penniless.

Taking charge of your finances

There are a number of things you can do to make make the transition. These include: 

Our team of Gold Coast divorce lawyers at Fedorov Family Lawyers provide some useful information on all these points

Fedorov Family Lawyers

If you need legal help in family law, Fedorov Family Lawyers are always available to give professional and sound advice.

Family Mediation Gold Coast

If you’re looking for Gold Coast family mediation services, please read our article Family Mediation Gold Coast.

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