Gold Coast Kids & Parenting Fair 2018 - Family Mediation Station
Marie Fedorov talks about Family Mediation Station

Gold Coast Kids & Parenting Fair 2018

gold coast parenting fair
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Please note: This article refers to the 2018 Gold Coast parenting fair. For more information on Gold Coast family meditation please see our article Family Mediation Gold Coast.

Book a FREE consultation with Marie Fedorov and the FMS team

A 15 minute consultation with Family Mediation Station will give you the knowledge you or a friend might need to gracefully negotiate a separation.

This weekend only.

Sat., 17/11/2018, 10:00 am – Sun., 18/11/2018, 4:00 pm AEST

Why Talk To Us About Mediation

Better communication

We provides a safe and neutral place where you can (both) get clear on what you want & let your voice be heard.

Smart People Mediate

Mediation with Family Mediation Station will save you time, money and the emotional burden of having to go to Court

One on one sessions

Consult with us at the Parenting Fair for an opportunity to discuss your or your friend's situation with lawyers and mediators.

Private and confidential

Whether you're inquiring for yourself or for someone else, you can rest assured that our professionals will never disclose details.

About Family Mediation Station

Smart people mediate, because they know “Life is too short to go to court!” Mediation with Family Mediation Station will save you time, money and the emotional burden of having to go to Court.  Our unique approach beats drawn out waiting lists at Government Funded mediation centres, meaning you get to mediate when you’re ready, unlike some Relationship Centres in Australia where you can wait for up to 6 months.

After many years of seeing the pitfalls of separation/divorce we have developed a process that is as straight forward & as supportive as possible – all under the one roof – all in the one day. Benefitting those that matter the most – rather than lawyers with deep pockets.

In this day & age not everyone stays together forever…mediation makes sense

Great concept. Saving people time, money and a little bit of sanity!
Great service we sorted out long-standing issues and made a clean break without costing stupid amounts of money. Would recommend these guys for Family Mediation Services.
My mediator listened to me and told my ex how I was feeling. My ex actually listened and we walked out of there with an agreement. I couldn't believe it as we had been arguing for over 12 months. I recommend Family Mediation Station.
Family Mediation Station
I really was able to get on with my new life after this process. I am so happy. Thank you.

Life's too short to go to court

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